Jondi Whitis

Jondi Whitis is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner & EMO Practitioner in Brooklyn, New York, United States
Jondi Whitis


Jondi Whitis is a member of all major EFT and EP groups.  She is a Board Member and Master Trainer of Trainers for A-A-M-E-T-International.  She's been trained in Silvia Hartmann's work at Guild of Energists, and is also a Gold Member and founding USA member of the EFT Guild.  Her chief strengths are in making knowledge accessible and compelling to those new to modern energy methods, and has a gift of integrating EP techniques into most any protocol or environment. Her trainings are very popular and she's trained a great many to help others with the power of energy and presence.

Maintaining a private practice as well as group training business, her idea of the perfect clientele are 'those who are ready' to discover their truest, most authentic self and life.  Jondi lives and works primarily in NYC, USA, and travels to hosted trainings.


Guild of Energists

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